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As is the case with most genealogical research, my own interest started with a curiosity about my own ancestors. After collecting all that had been done already by an uncle and a second cousin I had the Gort ancestry in place. I then switched to the ancestors of my spouse, Elaine Olthuis, and collected a great deal of information from relatives to complete at least her mother's side of the family, namely the Wierenga's. 
     Next came the possiblity of publishing my own web page at Family Tree Maker. This lead to contacts with a Gort in California, who wanted to know if we were related. Her grandfather had emigrated from the same town, Hoogeveen, in The Netherlands where my own ancestors had lived for several centuries. So my curiosity was peaked and after first trying to establish a link between our families (there likely is one, although no conclusive proof exists), I started tracing all the Gort's in the province of Drenthe. This was later expanded to include the three adjacent provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Overijssel. This site then contains the results of all my research, first into the ancestors of Elaine and myself, and later into the Gort's in general from the four aforementioned provinces.
In order to have a more complete mapping of the Gorts, I have now added the Gorts in the province of Zeeland. They are not likely to be related to the Gorts in the Northern provinces.

I have included an index of all the people in my database. They are linked and you can therefore trace ancestors and descendants yourself. Enjoy!


Chris Gort, Canada
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